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Terry the Odd Job Man

Hello babbers, yer is a page about I like. Im gonna be talking in bristolian, so you might wanna get someone to translate like. But I'll try not to speak to much proper brizzle or you'll be yer all day proper like!

I was born in Southmead hospidawl in Bristol. Me muh said I caused er so much pain like, that none of the drugs didn't help, so she had a fag and it worked mind. Fair play. See, me muh don't know who r real Dad is like. Cos she had a one nighter down the Materania all them yers back and cant remember who e was. Also she can remember is that e was tall, hairy ansome n and was a proper goer between the sheets like. Fair play - I mus follow after me unknown Dad mind - well das what me misses says.

I never furget the day me step dad, Brian, gave I me first shuvawl. I was seven yers awld, playin wiv me plastic spade in the back garden like. E goes, "Ter, I wants a give you summink, I wants a give they me favouret shavawl like. R dad give it to I n I wants a give it to you, proper like." R muh was cryin in the background like. I took the shuvawl off me Dad and dug me first proper hole. I dugs it so deep, r granddad fell down in and broke his shawder mind.

I went to Fonthill joonyer schawl in southmead. Now I loved growin up in the mead. I had lots of good mates like. I felt safe and never saw any troubawl. Well dare was joy riders riding round most nights like. Some burnt out cars. There was once a fiestawl outside n some of us wen out wiv marshmallows n that, n sweetcord. Proper bbq proper like. You wont get that in Clifton village, where they posh un's live mind!

I chose to support Bristol city football club back in 1987. I kid came up to I and goes, do you support city or rovers? I didn't know who they were bein so young mind, so I just goes city. And ive been a support since mind. I gets grief cos Im a north bristolian, and north bristolian's support Bristol Rovers or the gas heads as there called like.

I left, the Mead aged 14. R step dad bri was earnin good money like. So we moved to fil un. (filton). I went to fil un High schawl. I used to do the teachers ed's in cos I used to use me tools at the back of the class. Drillin, ammerin, sawin n that. They used to go nuts like. But I scot in the headmasters gud books mind cos I made him n his misses to be, a raditator cover for there engagement mind. E proper loved it n proper loved i. e took a shine to i. e looked after I at schawl n made sure I got the best teachers. I did well at school, better than most kids mind. I got a A in CDT, an F in maths, F in English and D in puters (computers) And a C in cooking - I cooked a blackthorn cider n steak pie. The cookin teacher loved it. Well she would, cos it had 4 cans a thorn in it. She must a been thorned up mind when she gave me grade.

Through schawl I was makin and repairin people's fings on the side. It elped I learn me trade like. Soon as I finished I did btec in carpenter at fil un college. I got on well wiv the teacher and e really elped I pass the course. At 17 I met me first misses amy jarret from horfield. She used to love snoggin I neck mind. She made I all hornay. She married for the 4th time now and has 6 kids. I don't fink shes actually got divorced, just keeps getting married mind.


I worked wiv me Dad part time on his landscape gardening business but e was drinking to much cider down the pub and soon became an alcholic like. I once caught him having coco pops with Natch cider for breakfast mind! Me dad couldn't handawl the drink and eventually became a alcholic full time. Went on the dawl n claimed benefits. I felt let down as I always worked ard all me life, yeh I likes a cider or two but you got to control it. Theres other fings to do as well like. Me muh eventually left me step dad and tried to search for me real dad. At one point she thought it was that david dicknson mind!!

In 2004 I set up me own business. Terry the odd job man. And that name has stuck ever since like. In 2007, work was really slow. Me average wage was 8k a year. There was no way I was going on the dawl. Me misses was trying to persuade I to. No way. So I put a video on you tube asking for work. Maybe I couild get more work in London like. Not only did I get loads of offers of work but 1000's of people liked what I had to say. I then moved to London to try n make it to the big time. I continued to put videos on You Tube and talk about life n more and more people liked I. I still make videos today. Me most popular one's are me Bristolian Language lessons.

A dream came true this yer. A film company wanted to film my life in Bristol and asked me to show them around. I did and now a DVD is out called 'Terry's Gert Lush Guide to Bristol' It's a proper guide by a Proper Bristolian! You can buy it here.

Thank you all for continuing to watch me videos and thanks for all yer messages! Keep supporting I n Keep lovin Bristol!

Thank YOU for bein YOU!!

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© Copyright 2009. Terry The Odd Job Man.